Optical Systems Engineering Group has the depth of experience to assist you with optical product development – from custom designs of components to complete systems design and analysis.  The team has in-depth experience across multiple industries.  Some examples of past experience include:

  • Commercial Optics - Cameras, Telescopes, Beam Expanders, Microscope Objectives, Eyepieces
  • Machine Vision - Objectives, Telecentric Lenses, Finite Conjugate Systems
  • Optical and Opto-Mechanical Designs for Ophthalmic Devices
  • Space-borne Optical Systems for Reconnaissance, Commercial Mapping and Laser Communication Missions
  • Medical Laboratory Assay Devices
  • Interferometers for use with Aspheric, Military, Reflective, and Refractive Components and Systems
  • Interferometers for Medical Applications – Including Medical Devices and the Human Ocular System

Services include:

  • Creation of  Requirements Documents and Specifications
  • Complete Engineering Trade Studies and System Tolerance Budgets
  • Thorough Optical and Opto-Mechanical Designs and Analyses using leading software packages, including Zemax, Code V, and SolidWorks
  • Manufacturability Assessments
  • Metrology Design and Development and Test Data Analyses
  • Full Reporting, including all Design Files, Drawings and Engineering Analyses
  • Independent Design Reviews of Customer Systems

We are partnered with several High-Tech Optical Companies and Leading Universities and can manage:

  • Components Prototyping
  • Components Manufacturing
  • System Assembly
  • Metrology Systems 



Optical Systems Engineering Group is flexible and is comfortable with both Fixed Price and Time and Material contracts, depending on the maturity of the customer’s requirements.

Fixed Price

Typically, the customer has specific requirements that are developed to the point that the Optical Systems Engineering Group can provide a detailed proposal to meet Statement of Work and Cost/Schedule Requirements.  Included in the proposal are:

  • A Complete Description of Requirements to Ensure the Team Fully Understands the Customer's Needs
  • A Compliance Matrix to Ensure that All Requirements are Met
  • Significant and Measurable Milestones to Ensure that Work is On-Track. 
  • Regular Written and Verbal Reporting Requirements.

Time and Material

Time and Material Contracts are more suitable when the specifications and requirements are still being explored.  Optical Systems Engineering can:

  • Work with the Customer to Refine those Requirements and to Develop an Appropriate Statement of Work.
  • Develop a Not-to-Exceed Budget Clearly Defining Labor and Material Costs.
  • Develop a Proposal which includes Requirements Descriptions, a Compliance Matrix, Milestones, and Reporting Requirements

Regular communication and reporting is essential to allow the customer to control costs and schedules. Changes in customer direction and modifications to the Statement of Work are common in these cases and can be readily accommodated by the team.

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