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Can you afford Systems Engineering?  Can you afford NOT to implement Systems Engineering?  Long the mainstay of the Aerospace Industry, a solid Systems approach to product development can increase speed to market, can ensure customer needs are met, and can provide a backbone for sustained high quality to any company or industry.

Voice of the Customer...

is the current in vogue phrase used to emphasize a company's commitment to providing quality goods and services.  A good deal of time and money are spent at the beginning of the development cycle on focus groups and market research. Forms and charts are diligently completed.  Process boxes are checked off.  Engineering, manufacturing, and quality gear up....and problems arise and are solved.  But often, as each new issue is addressed, the customer's voice becomes fainter and is re-interpreted.  It should come as no surprise that many times the final product bears little resemblance to what the customer originally asked for.  Or it turns out that what the customer asked for was really not what the customer wanted.

Systems Engineering provides that crucial voice throughout the process

  • Systems Engineering can make sure that the upfront research is maximized so that the Voice of the Customer captures what the customer wants.
  • Systems Engineering can translate those wants into tangible requirements for the internal engineering, manufacturing, quality, and compliance teams.
  • Systems Engineering can develop and budget engineering tolerances for internal and external components so that the customer's voice is always loud and clear.
  • Most Regulatory/Compliance documents are produced routinely with a Systems approach, eliminating duplication of efforts and ensuring consistency across teams
  • In most cases, instilling a Systems approach doesn't require staffing up - the most effective Systems Engineers are those that are developed internally. Who better understands your industry?

Optical Systems Engineering Group can help...

in several ways.  With our experience across multiple industries - aerospace, medical device, and automotive to name just a few - we can act as the systems group for companies that have limited internal resources to spare.  We can assist with developing the Voice of the Customer and in translating that voice into requirements for the development teams. And we can provide all the documentation needed to keep the development teams on track and productive.

We can provide training if a company is committed to implementing Systems Engineering .  We believe that training classes, while helpful , are not necessarily the most effective way to learn this approach.  We prefer to work with a team, providing upfront training, then working with that team through the completion of a product. Each program is tailored for the specific needs of a company to maximize the investment.  And yes....we apply a Systems approach to our involvement.

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